New Program available – MIDI 12 Tone

I’ve added a new program to the repository, the MIDI 12 Tone, which generates chromatic scales and random 12-tone rows.

I put together the MIDI 12 Tone program after a request in the forum from Fabrizio, who wrote that he wanted to use a miniMO to trigger a number of servos via MIDI, either in order or in a random pattern. In essence, the program is a MIDI sequencer, with a few modifications following Fabrizio’s specifications:

  • By default, the program plays a chromatic scale, always the same
  • A long press toggles between playing the scale and playing a random sequence using those same 12 notes. These random sequences always change, both between presses and when the unit is turned OFF and ON again

The random sequence generation replaces the original sequencer’s pattern transposition feature, but you can still change the tempo and reverse the sequence, which I think are interesting features when controlling the servos; you can also add octaves and edit the sequence note by note if you wish to do so.

In all, I think this is a neat example of uncommon uses of miniMO; it also has a musical value (dodecaphonic composers sould surely appreciate how quickly you can explore 12-Tone rows!), and serves as inspiration for further variations of the sequencer -like, for instance, a proper arpeggiator. I would like to take the chance to thank Fabrizio for the request -I look forward to seeing those servos in action!

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