ADSR Updated – Autotrigger Mode

I’ve uploaded a revised version of the ADSR to the repository; this version adds an Autotrigger Mode which allows the envelope to be sent continuously, like an LFO.

To engage Autotrigger Mode, you turn the module ON while pressing the button for about five seconds, just enough to go through the battery check; then the module will start sending the envelope continuously, and it will also send a trigger pulse from I/O 4 at the beginning of each cycle.

The Autotrigger Mode effectively transforms the ADSR into a peculiar LFO; you can control the wave shape directly, but not the rate, as it depends on the combined lengths of the ADSR’s stages -e.g. longer envelopes will get you slower rates.

The stages’ lengths themselves are each a factor of a number of steps from a base timer. If you want to experiment, open the program and search for “lengthFactor” (it is preceded by a “User editing encouraged” line). You can try values in the range from 0 to 7; the smaller the factor, the longer the lengths.

Also worth noting, the ADSR has a bypass mode, which is not new but I hadn’t included in the manual previously, as I was using it in test setups when calibrating other modules. The bypass function turns the LED off, ignores external inputs, and sends a high output, so it appears as if the unit was not connected.

Finally, I’ve taken the chance to make several internal improvements to the program, as the Autotrigger Mode is quite demanding with regards to user input -controls should feel more snappy now 😀

This feature was suggested by fede409 in the forum. Thanks a lot!!

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