New Programs available – Sequencer, tuned controller

I have just added two new programs to the repository:

  • The sequencer is a classic CV step sequencer/arpeggiator with configurable scales/number of steps, direct control over the tempo, and easy step edition
  • The tuned controller is a CV controller with configurable scales and simple gate/note control

Both programs feature an automatic calibration procedure which selects and stores the output voltages that make the connected Oscillator produce musical tones. When running on batteries, calibration allows to compensate (to a point) for the voltage drop as the batteries deplete. On top of that, I added a startup check that gives a warning if batteries are getting low.

I’ve also updated the Oscillator with the battery check, and added an input calibration procedure to make sure the frequency output stays within the expected ranges when combining an external source with the module’s own potentiometer.

The most interesting of the two programs at this point is the sequencer, though the controller holds a lot of potential as a framework for hooking up external controllers to the miniMO.

I will be recording demo videos shortly, and then I’ll start work on either the Envelope or Filter. I was also thinking of making short blog posts explaining code snippets that are useful on its own (battery check, frequency detection), but I don’t want to branch out too much, so that’s in the “would be nice if…” list at the moment.

That’s all for now! 🙂

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