Manipulating Registers in AVR Microcontrollers

This guide aims to explain what registers are, and how to work with them. It applies to miniMO and the Arduino IDE but also to microcontrollers in general, and will be most useful to you if you can understand basic programs and would like to modify the setup of the timers or other peripherals within the microcontroller, but can’t make clear sense of lines like ADMUX |= (1 << ADLAR);


Build a 3D printed miniMO Noisette: step-by-step guide

miniMO is a reprogrammable synthesizer module designed to encourage everyone to try modular synthesis. Currently there are two models available: one is PCB-based with soldered components, whilst the other (code name Noisette) is built on 3D-printed parts and requires no soldering. I will show you how to assemble and program the latter model.More…

Repository up and running

It’s here!

With five new modules up and running, I’ve revised and uploaded the DCO code to Github. It has been a while since I last used Github, since I normally work with svn; I was pleasantly surprised that I can use tortoiseSVN with it.

Following steps: decide on the open-hardware license, figure out ways to distribute it, publish a video demoing the unit, start modeling the case, and start spreading the word a bit more.