The Programmable Mini Modular Synth

miniMO is a stand-alone mini modular synthesizer that fits in the palm of your hand and runs on a button battery. All modules are identical and work in many different ways, from signal generators to processors and sequencers

Small and Versatile

The Oscillator generates Sine, Triangle, Square, and Saw waves down to LFO rates

The AM Generator creates complex tones from three types of modulation

The MIDI sequencer adds sequencing power to any MIDI capable device

The ADSR generates a four-stage envelope

The Chiptune Player plays music with up to four voices of polyphony

These and many more modules are all waiting for you to discover!

Start using miniMO now

The miniMO Value Pack is the easiest way to introduce yourself to miniMO and the modular synthesizer world. It includes three assembled modules and all the extras you need to start experimenting with sound synthesis 

Build your own Setup

You can combine miniMO modules in any way you wish. Select as many modules as you want (either kits or assembled), and start building your miniMOnster -the possibilities are endless!

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