Frequently Asked Questions


Why miniMO?

I want to encourage people to have a go at modular synths without fear of breaking the synth, or the bank. For the average price of a typical module you can buy, or build yourself, several miniMOs, which you then load with programs according to your interests. Want to try three LFO's? reprogram three of your modules -no need to buy more dedicated units.

What's the status of the project?

march 2020-released the miniRack, both as a unit and as separate sets of accessories.

march 2019 - working on the miniRack, and also on a MIDI IN module -I have a working prototype, but it is unreliable on battery-.

september 2018 - I've been demoing the modules in various places; currently I'm working on several new programs, and on a small circuit to power up a group of modules -a miniRack!

december 2017 - released the MIDI sequencer: it is now possible to control all kinds of external synths with miniMO! I also set up a forum to share answers to common issues and receive suggestions.

june 2017 - miniMO has received some very positive reviews, with both 3d printed and the PCB versions being featured in relevant sites.

march 2017 - The PCB model is finished, along with a core set of programs to build a modular system. I also revised the 3d printed version to make it as similar as possible to the PCB model, and as easy as possible to build. Both versions are now open source, and open hardware.

Who are you?

It's all here. I work with sound and I love building things.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Paypal only.

What is included in a kit?

Kits come with all parts you need to assemble a miniMO, including the circuit board and a preprogrammed chip. Batteries and assembly tools are not included.

Do the kits come with instructions?

Kits don't include assembly instructions, but they are very straightforward to put together: all capacitors have the same value, and all resistors' values are marked right on the circuit.

After you assemble the kit, refer to this site for the manuals for the various available programs; there is also a guide to program miniMO available, if you want to do so.

How much skill does it require to build a kit?

This is my subjective opinion, but for as long as you have basic soldering skills miniMO should give you no trouble. UPDATE Dec-17: I've just had a group of 15 people of all levels building kits with no issues whatsoever.

Shipping and Returns

Where is my order? when will I receive it?

If you chose the "flat rate with tracking number" shipping method, you can use it to track the shipping status of your order.

Orders with free shipping have no tracking number, nor there is a way to track them.

All items are shipped from Spain, with delivery times ranging from about a week (UK), to a month (New Zealand). Sometimes going through customs may delay shipping by several weeks. That said, if it's been more than a month and a half since you made the order and you haven't received anything yet, by all means let me know.

How do I return an order?

Contact me - I accept returns of unopened kits and products within 30 natural days of receipt. All returns are refunded through Paypal; unless the product arrives damaged or is defective, you are responsible for return shipping costs.

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