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A complete modular system including modules, a 3D-printed enclosure with a power adapter, and a set of free accessories

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The miniRacks are full modular systems including a complete set of soldered miniMOs, an enclosure (power adapter plus power rails and a miniRack Case), and a free set of accesories -a portable, convenient and self-contained modular lab 😀

miniMO is an 8-bit synthesizer Modular synth built around the ATtiny85 processor, a relative of the popular Arduino. All miniMOs are identical; you load them with different programs according to the system you want to make. If you have three modules, you can program them to be three oscillators, or two oscillators and a filter, or a sequencer, an oscillator and an envelope generator, or any other configuration that suits your fancy.
miniMO complete description and specs

The miniRacks enclose several miniMOs in a 3D printed case, connecting them all to a single power source to make a standalone modular setup:

  • The power adapter connects to DC sources (not included) up to 20V via a barrel jack (center-positive). This power adapter is built around the LM1117 Low Power Linear Regulator and delivers up to 800mA at 3.3V, more than enough for any sensible setup (a single module takes around 24mA)
  • Since all the modules are part of the same circuit from the get-go, you can patch them using single single wires going from + to + points, which makes the setups a tad less messy (just a tad ^_^)
  • A stable common power source eliminates the need for recalibration in voltage-sensitive modules, such as the CV sequencer
  • The power rails give easy access to the programming header; you don’t lose any features and you can power accessories such as the MIDI Out cable right from the header -no extra jumpers required
  • With the included programming cable, you can connect individual modules to an Arduino and send them programs without removing them from the rack
  • The 3D-printed case is compact, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble

Currently you can choose from two miniRack sets, miniMO03 and miniMO06, offering three and six modules in several suggested configurations (see options above).

In addition to the miniMOs, the packs include the following free items:

  • Three/Six sets of hex spacers with brass nuts to support the miniMOs
  • Eight/Twelve female/female jumper wires to patch the miniMOs to one another
  • Female jumper to 3.5mm mono male miniJack converter to connect the minimos to an amplifier
  • 5-pin angled header to connect individual miniMOs to an Arduino when out of the rack (limited to one per order)
  • 5-pin male/male jumper cable to connect individual miniMOs to an Arduino without removing them from the rack (limited to one per order)
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If you would like to receive your miniMOs loaded with different programs, please write your preferences down in the “order notes” during the checkout process.

The set doesn’t include an AC-DC adapter; you can use any adapter up to 20V, with center-positive polarity and a barrel jack end.

The electronics arrive soldered and the case “flat packed”. Assembly is required (but no soldering), and you will need a small screwdriver for the screw that affixes the power adapter to the case.

We have a miniRack Assembly and Programming guide ready for you -don’t forget to give it a look!