Power Adapter Set

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A DC adapter and rails to provide all your modules with stable power

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The Power Adapter Set is a convenient solution to provide a group of miniMOs with a steady power source and a flexible system of power distribution via “rails”. It was originally designed for the miniRacks, but we offer it separately here for people wanting to build their own enclosures.

The set(*) includes:

  • A power adapter, which connects to DC sources (not included) up to 20V via a barrel jack (center-positive). This power adapter is based on the LM1117 Low Power Linear Regulator and delivers up to 800mA at 3.3V, more than enough for any sensible setup (a single module takes around 24mA)
  • A group of power rails, designed to allow for easily powering of groups of modules. The Rails feature a female header, which when extends the module’s programming header, and a power bus, which goes from side to side and has male pins at both ends to connect the rails to one another
  • A group of jumpers to connect the headers’ power buses
  • Cables to connect the power adapter to the first rail in a group

This set is a great solution for powering and organizing permanent modular setups -a freeform alternative to the miniRack:

  • Having a common stable power virtually eliminates the need for recalibrating modules sensitive to voltage drifts such as the CV Sequencer
  • Since all the modules are part of the same circuit from the get-go, you can patch them using single wires going from + to + points
  • The modules retain all their features with the rails on; furthermore, it is possible to power external accessories like the MIDI out cable from the VCC pin in the header, without using special jumpers in the module
  • We include jumpers for a side-to-side arrangement of the rails, but you can use jumper cables to arrange them any way you like

Last but not least, the power + rails sets get FREE SHIPPING! 🙂

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Programming miniMOs with the rails on is the same or almost the same as usual, but please spare a minute to read the miniRack programming guide to understand how to position everything.

The set doesn’t include an AC-DC adapter; you can use any adapter up to 20V, with center-positive polarity.

(*)Currently you can choose from sets with three or six rails, mimicking the miniMO03 and miniMO06 miniRacks. We also offer spare groups of three rails for bigger setups, or in case you want to use your own power source.