MIDI Out Accessory Set

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Give MIDI out capabilities to your miniMO!

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This accessory set includes everything you need to turn a miniMO module into a standalone, MIDI-out capable device:

  • A female MIDI adapter to connect miniMO to any device with a MIDI Input
  • A three-pronged jumper to power both miniMO and the MIDI adapter from the internal battery
  • A custom 3D-printed enclosure with flexible outer cover
  • Two laminated faceplates: one generic, one with custom markings for the sequencer (shown in the picture)
  • A Davies-1900h clone knob with brass insert and set screw

The set has been specifically designed to complement the new MIDI sequencer program, making miniMO possibly(*) the smallest MIDI sequencer available on the market; it also opens the door to a new set of MIDI-oriented programs, further expanding on the capabilities of the system.


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  • This set does NOT include a miniMO module –get it here!
  • Currently the case and knob colours are limited to those shown in the pictures (or very similar)
  • Due to the number of custom-made parts, please allow for up to a week of processing time

(*) The smallest as far as my research goes -and I’ve researched a lot!