miniMO Value Pack

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All you need to get started: three assembled miniMOs and a full set of free accessories

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Attention! If you have a Mac running Catalina or newer OS, there’s no way at the moment to program miniMOs from it (unless you virtualize an older OS).

This pack includes three assembled miniMOs and a free set of accessories -everything you need to start having fun with your miniMOs right away!

miniMO is an 8-bit synthesizer Modular synth built around the ATtiny85 processor, a relative of the popular Arduino. All miniMOs are identical; you load them with different programs according to the system you want to make. If you have three modules, you can program them to be three oscillators, or two oscillators and a filter, or a sequencer, an oscillator and an envelope generator, or any other configuration that suits your fancy.
miniMO complete description and specs

By default, the pack comes with two miniMOs programmed as oscillators, and a third miniMO programmed as a LunaMod generator. The oscillators are capable of acting as LFOs (low- frequency oscillators), which makes them great to learn how to patch signals and experiment with modulation effects; LunaMod is a quirky, fun generator that produces all kinds of tones and sequences on its own.

In addition to the miniMOs, the pack includes the following free items:

  • Three sets of hex spacers with brass nuts to support the miniMOs
  • Four pairs of female/female jumper wires to connect the miniMOs to one another (limited to 8 per order)
  • Female jumper to 3.5mm mono male miniJack converter to connect the minimos to an amplifier
  • 5-pin angled header to connect the miniMOs to an Arduino (limited to one per order)
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We are currently shipping the pack with matte black polyamide spacers.

If you would like to receive your miniMOs loaded with different programs, please write your preferences down in the “order notes” during the checkout process.

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