miniRack Enclosure

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An upgrade to build a miniRack if you already own some miniMOs. Includes a Power Adapter Set and a 3D-printed Case

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The miniRack Enclosure provides you with all you need to upgrade from a group of three or six modules to a miniRack. The enclosure includes:

  • A 3D-printed Case
  • A Power Adapter Set
  • A 5-pin male/male jumper cable to connect individual miniMOs to an Arduino without removing them from the rack (limited to one per order)

The enclosure is a great solution if you already have some miniMOs around and are thinking on a battery free, permanent setup; it provides the modules with stable power and arranges them in a compact translucent frame which looks really neat!

Also, the enclosures get FREE SHIPPING 🙂

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The enclosure doesn’t include spacers, which you need to attach the modules to the frames (1 set per module), or the miniJack Adapter + cables, which you need to build patches and send signals out to an amplifier. Make sure to add these to your order if you don’t own them already!

The electronics arrive soldered and the case “flat packed”. Some assembly is required (but no soldering), and you will need a small screwdriver for the screw that affixes the power adapter to the case.

Don’t forget to read the Assembly and Programming guide; it explains everything you need to know to assemble the enclosure, step by step, with pictures 😀