Algorithmic Generator

Output of sample = t*(t>>14) ^ (t<<8 ^ t), running untouched

miniMO's Algorithmic Generator expresses the output of short pieces of code as sound  (see here for more details).

Music generated in this way is referred to as ByteBeat.


Download from Github


  • 5 algorithm presets, including a Noise Generator
  • Easily expandable with user-defined algorithms
    • See the links page for further resources
  • Real time switching between algorithms
  • Real time parameter control (three parameters per algorithm)
  • Automatic Battery check



  • 1&2: Outputs - sound
  • 3: Input - parameter modulation
  • 4: Input - unused


  • Knob: change the value of the parameter currently selected
    • miniMO waits until you reach the value it has currently stored to start effecting changes
  • Click: toggle between parameters
    • There are three parameters available per algorithm
    • he LED blinks once, twice, or thrice, according to the parameter selected
  • Double click: toggle between algorithms
    • The LED blinks once


When you switch the module ON,

  • If the LED blinks once, the battery is OK
  • If the LED blinks fast several times, the battery is running low


Sometimes the sound changes when moving between parameters



This program is based on the RCArduino Music program, by Duane Banks, and the Algorithmic Noise Machine, by Madshobye; the Noise generator uses the Xorshift generator, as described here.