Repository up and running

It’s here!

With five new modules up and running, I’ve revised and uploaded the DCO code to Github. It has been a while since I last used Github, since I normally work with svn; I was pleasantly surprised that I can use tortoiseSVN with it.

Following steps: decide on the open-hardware license, figure out ways to distribute it, publish a video demoing the unit, start modeling the case, and start spreading the word a bit more.

miniMO multiplies

I received the PCBs last Friday and built a few MOs over the weekend. I’m very satisfied with how things turned out; the PCBs look sharp, I had no difficulties in soldering the components, and everything works correctly. I found I made a couple of errors with the design, but both have easy fixes and functionality isn’t compromised.More…


Hello and welcome to miniMO’s site! it’s pretty empty at the moment, but hopefully that will change as soon as I’m done dispatching the fear of the empty site.More…