Noise Generator

miniMO's Noise Generator is a voltage-controlled digital noise generator, with the ability to alter its frequency output, grain density, and amplitude (more details here).


Download from Github


  • Pseudorandom noise generator with 32-bit long pattern
  • Real time control of  frequency or grain density
  • External modulation of frequency, density, and volume
  • Automatic Battery check



  • 1&2: Output noise/grains
  • 3: Input - frequency/grain density modulation
  • 4: Input - amplitude modulation (if frequency is selected)/amplitude and density modulation (if density is selected)


  • Knob: change frequency (default) or grain density
    • miniMO waits until you reach the value it has currently stored
  • Click: toggle between frequency and density control
    • The LED blinks once -  frequency control
    • The LED blinks twice - density control


When you switch the module ON,

  • If the LED blinks once, the battery is OK
  • If the LED blinks fast several times, the battery is running low


  • Amplitude modulation also affects grain density. This is particularly noticeable when density is set to very low values
  • If a parameter doesn't respond to the knob when I/O 3 is connected to an external input, disconnect the input, move the knob until the module becomes responsive, and reconnect the input again


This generator uses the pseudorandom number generator described here.