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  • just in case: it’s always been open source
  • Off the top of my head -commenting vector5-related code in the core might do the trick (for the sake of getting the programs to compile)
  • sonic warfare with my wife awesome!
  • hey! I damn near use them everyday you do? what do you use them for? I hope you never stop pushing forward with this project Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement
  • hello! yes and no the latest push I've made was finishing the miniRack and the power adapter. This happened right as my country went into lockdown, and I didn't feel like it was the right time to make a big, "happy" announcement, so I told a coupl…
    in Anything new Comment by jose June 2020
  • When you said in your reply, that the MiniMo works fine with your MS20, did you mean just the gate or the pitch modulation as well Both, both ways. See below two examples I recorded quickly earlier today: MS20 modulating a miniMO pic.twitter.…
  • Hello! driven by false expectations sorry if it's my fault miniMOs can interact with other gear up to a point, but it depends a lot on the other gear's specs -they get along nicely with an MS20, because they operate in similar ranges; they're…
  • Hi Jose, Will I be able to run the programs successfully? Hi! If you have Catalina I'm not even sure if you can use the latest IDE successfully at the moment Update: Just tested 1.8.1 with Catalina and everything works fine. To proper…
  • @PhilippvK said: Only the compiler in latest version of the Arduino IDE is going to work... I've been browsing around and it looks like you need to download the mac beta of the IDE if you use 10.15. Is that correct?
  • awesome! back on track
    in FTDI? Comment by jose July 2019
  • I received the PCBs yesterday. They break apart easily; you’ll have to sand them a bit to leave the sides smooth (about a minute of work with a file). I also assembled and tested a module and everything works fine, so - Success!!
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose June 2019
  • the deep saw-filter-open-and-close-sounds are... ooh they do sound nice Thanks a lot for all this material!
  • Wow! That's great! a pendulum modulator! In the last video, after 0:35, is that miniMO?
  • merged! update: I placed an order and should get the PBCs in two to three weeks.
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose May 2019
  • PR, or send me the files and I’ll upload them myself, whatever you prefer. Either way, I’d be grateful if you could name the folder as Gerber_panel_2x2, to go alongside the single panel.
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose May 2019
  • does the panelizer allow you to rotate the PCBs? if you rotate the left ones 180 so that the programming ports look outwards, you can use the four MOs together.
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose May 2019
  • wow! good job! If I remember correctly they're registration marks which don't show up in the finished PCB. That's the actual file I use, anyway, so it shouldn't have errors.
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose May 2019
  • This is one for the community -I've never tried panelizing PCBs myself.
    in PCB 2x2? Comment by jose May 2019
  • The range for CV is 0-3V on battery, and 0 to up to 5V on external power. The Monotron should work fine; other devices depend on their particular outputs.
  • Yep! First look at line 139, void algo. The block of code there is divided in four different "cases", like so: case 0: sample = t*(t>>parameters[0]) ^ (t>14) ^ (t
  • nice -please write back if you give any of them a try
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • Ok, then I think you might have actually bricked it. If you had an "external clock" option selected when you burned the bootloader, now the processor won't work at all on its own. Since the processor is not dead but misconfigured, it should st…
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • Ah, I see. I'm trying to troubleshoot, but I still don't have a clear picture of what happened, so bear with me Let's confirm: you have a MO that a.suddenly stopped working, or b.stopped working after you tried to program it? Also, is it comple…
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • Some programs work with recent versions of the IDE, but most don't. Take a look at the post right before this one for an explanation . Now, if you could flash a program in 1.8.9, you should be able to flash any program in 1.5.7. Can you try flashing…
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • Quick question -programming issues aside, is that miniMO working fine? Also, can you post a picture showing how you're connecting the miniMO to the arduino?
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • I haven't done it, but it should be possible, for as long as what you want to do is send new programs to an already "working" miniMO. If you want to build and program a miniMO from scratch, you'll have to set the fuses in the microcontroller first w…
    in FTDI? Comment by jose April 2019
  • The errors happen because a function is defined twice (IDE and ATtiny core), causing a conflict. There's a new core that works with recent IDEs,, but when I gave it a glance a couple months ago it looked l…
  • Hi Oliver! If you mean if I'll update it to make it work with current versions, I don't think so. 1.5.7 (plus the attiny core) is stable and works fine; it is also very easy to find and download and you can make it portable, so it lives in its own …
  • Hi Marc! the mixtape is a really nice project I'm sure you won't have much trouble adapting the code, but let me know if you need any help.
  • You need 1.5.7 (as explained in the programming tutorial), but you can have it as a portable installation, see here: It's a simple process and you can keep the IDE in its own folder, without interfering …