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Hello! -and, should we move to Discord?

edited February 2023 in General

I didn't quite know how to title this post because it's about a few things -let's see:

  • A long time ago, and because I was getting a lot of spam on the forum, I changed membership applications from automatic to needs approval. I assumed the forum would send me an email when someone applied for a membership, but it doesn't, and I've only discovered I had a big backlog of applicants after one such applicant wrote me an email about it. I'm very sorry about this!
  • If you saw the date of the previous post and thought, my, this forum is dead, well, that's a big part of why. Another big part is that I don't ask people who sends me emails with technical questions to post them here, which means that there's lots of activity that goes unnoticed -maybe I should! Also, I wonder: are forums still a thing?
  • In brief, the forum has been dormant (or made to sleep, it seems) for a while, but in case you wondered, miniMO is still alive and well. It sells modestly but regularly, it's being used in courses and universities, and I'm always an email away if you need any support.
  • This said, right now I'm more a keeper than a developer. Finishing my crowning achievement, the miniRack, right at the heart of the pandemic, was really hard. I didn't feel like cheerfully announcing it to the world when everyone was confined and fearing the worst, and I doubt I would have found supplies to fulfill many orders either (it's difficult even now!). It all was a huge downer and I still haven't regained the developing momentum I lost there, but sooner or later I will, because miniMO is really a part of who I am.
  • About the forum, I really enjoy it when it works, but spam really was getting out of hand, and after switching to https I started having issues with the pages not refreshing right after posting (doesn't seem to be an issue anymore). On top of that, it needs an upgrade, and reading about the process just brought me back to the times of wordpress 1.x .I'm considering moving to Discord, which seems to be more in the spirit of the times. What do you think, should we?


  • Thanks for fixing the forums! I'm looking forward to working with my miniMO module! Thanks for your efforts in creating it.

  • I’ll get back into it if you do :)
    I’d love to see it all open sourced so others could develop and improve upon it… and yes, forums are a thing and Discord is good for that too… good to see this re-awaken!!
  • edited February 2023
    just in case:

    it’s always been open source :smiley:
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