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Anything new

Just seeing if u gots any new programs in the worx...


  • edited June 29

    hello! yes and no :p the latest push I've made was finishing the miniRack and the power adapter. This happened right as my country went into lockdown, and I didn't feel like it was the right time to make a big, "happy" announcement, so I told a couple people, commented about it on twitter, and that's about it.

    Since the miniRack represents a big achievement for me (it finally looks like a modular system!), this "unrelease" has not been easy, and this aside, life is just starting to feel normal again. Also I really want to revise all the existing programs to work with the latest version of the IDE, which should be my priority now; that, and making videos and tutorials with fhe miniRacks to show the cool things you can do with them.

    All this said, the next programs would be an hpf, a dedicated lfo, and sample-based programs (a sample player, a pattern based drum machine, an euclidean rhythms machine, and some sort of cloud generator).

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