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Anything new

Just seeing if u gots any new programs in the worx...


  • edited June 2020

    hello! yes and no :p the latest push I've made was finishing the miniRack and the power adapter. This happened right as my country went into lockdown, and I didn't feel like it was the right time to make a big, "happy" announcement, so I told a couple people, commented about it on twitter, and that's about it.

    Since the miniRack represents a big achievement for me (it finally looks like a modular system!), this "unrelease" has not been easy, and this aside, life is just starting to feel normal again. Also I really want to revise all the existing programs to work with the latest version of the IDE, which should be my priority now; that, and making videos and tutorials with fhe miniRacks to show the cool things you can do with them.

    All this said, the next programs would be an hpf, a dedicated lfo, and sample-based programs (a sample player, a pattern based drum machine, an euclidean rhythms machine, and some sort of cloud generator).

  • Delayed response(i know im a tool)man the next programs u speak of sound rad.i need to get a coue more from u pretty soon. I only have two at the moment but I damn near use them everyday. I hope you never stop pushing forward with this project.
  • hey!

    I damn near use them everyday

    you do? what do you use them for?

    I hope you never stop pushing forward with this project

    Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement :)

  • One is dedicated to delay for my korg monologue.the other usually as an oscillator in my circuit bending projects.and the lunamod generator is great for sonic warfare with my wife.
  • sonic warfare with my wife

    :D awesome!

  • Oh how to left this out is beyond me, honestly i sit up for hours some nights with just the algorithmic generator and my laptop and kinda feel like im in another world. honestly, because im horrible at math( that's my wife's department im the grammar Nazi) and im still at 4 yrs deep still wrapping my head around sound design and synthesis in general i might have never gotten into creating in the bytebeat world even though ive been digging it for a longtime now.beyond it making it more accessible as opposed to the latter it actually aides me in the learning curve which is pretty rad to a stubborn drummer that still feels like an absolute rookie in the world of synthesis.and whats crazy is that im so far from even closely utilizing these from what theyre aimed at.sorry wasnt trying to gush, ijust wanted to throw that in there.and way too much coffee this morning.stay rad man.
  • Oh u made a comment about vid/ tutorial type stuff that would be really rad.this is ur baby and im almost certain u knowing this project front to back could show off some of the cool shit it can do that i probably have no clue to.cause im retardly retarded sometimes.
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