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Searching for contacts

edited January 2018 in General

I am not the youngest any more and me is bareing the contacts to the scene of electronic "avantgarde". I like experimental music and even if i would be younger, it would be hard to find someone, understanding this. Most people look at me when i tell about my passion, as if i would be crazy..."Old man, sit down on the couch and watch TV", and this with 57.
I searched a lot about sites in internet presenting experimental music...and i searched in the netlabels, which becoming more and more rare or commercial and/or mainstream. Can somemone tell me, where and for whom i have to search? This would be the first and probably easiest possibility for contact, but deep in my heart i am looking for some people face to face in real life. I live here in Germany in Ruhrgebiet ( the "Pott" ), Somewhere here must be something like a scene for experimental music. Short i had an contact to two students of Folkwang Hochschule, but this ended very fast. It was after a concert with experimental electronic music. Also very rare here.
Also i am looking for some sites in internet with DIY synths making. But i need not those semiprofessional sites with synths even in DIY costs several hundred €. I am a pensioner already for health reasons and i have very few money... i need a "lo-fi" site of synth building or circuit bending ( beginner).
Even in this short time i have become a great fan of miniMO. And i would be glad, if this here at miniMOs would be the starting point in a more social life than until now.
Now i acan only hope for replies.... ;)

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