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need help with assembling miniMo pcb kit and searching fpor contacts

Hi all!
I have ordered some pcb kits and now have problems to kit i meanwhile have to miss, because its not working. Can someone tell me where on the pcb is pin 1 of the attiny? on the side labeled with IC1 or on the side with the stripes? I am too curious to hear my miniMo working, hoping for fast answer, so that i can try to assembel my second trial.....
And i am searching for contacts in experimental or any kind of music with diy synths. I am not the youngest any more, and me are bareing the contacts to a scene. Probably you can only tell me about some internet contacts , forums etc, and this is ok and also welcome, but perhaps someone knows someone here in germany in ruhrgebiet ( the pott ). I also would be happy to know, where in internet i can find such experimental music made with diy synths.


  • I made a mistake in clumpy hands... ;) Now evrything works....lucky owner of a working miniMO

  • cool! very happy that you got it to work :)

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