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Programming with Arduino interface on Android

edited December 2017 in General
So needless to say I am still computerless at the moment so I was wondering if it is possible to load the module programs with the Arduino app that's on my Android phone... do you have any future plans of putting out any other module programs? If so what did you have in mind?thanx man...


  • Hey there!
    To be honest I have no idea if that's possible... do you mean ArduinoDroid?

    As for future plans, yes, I'm working on more programs. Not too long ago I uploaded the MIDI sequencer (I still have to record a video tutorial, which is my top priority at the moment), and I have a MIDI-to-CV program working and pretty much ready to publish (I haven't published it yet because it's reliable only on 5V and I'm trying to figure out if I can make it work on a battery). I also have a byteBeat program nearly finished, and next year I want to start with a dedicated LFO and an oscillator optimized to use with the sequencer.

    Thanks for writing!

  • On second thoughts, I don't think those android apps would be useful. You cannot program miniMO directly from them, and the two I looked at didn't have the functionality to send programs to "third parties" using arduino as a programmer.

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