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miniMO and KRAFT

I'm using some miniMOs in the (music-)theatre piece "KRAFT" @ Konzert Theater Bern in the following way:

Some video-snippets (unfortunately very short und not extremely representative, but they sound great!):

And here an (also medium representative :neutral:) Trailer, in which you'll hear some more miniMO:

It was / is great to use them on stage and it was certainly not the last time :smile:

Thanks Jose!


  • edited June 2019

    Wow! That's great! a pendulum modulator! :smiley:
    In the last video, after 0:35, is that miniMO?

  • Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have a longer video sequence; the filtered noise is played with for quite a while, and while the tempo and the intensity of the whole scene increases, the filter slowly is opened, and towards the end of the scene, the whole thing is very noisy and loud, so that the actors have to use the mics in order to get through...

    Actually there are a couple of scenes I use the miniMOs in different ways; I'll post more videos, if I get something.

    Anyway, no, the sound after 0:35 wasn't made with a miniMO, but the deep saw-filter-open-and-close-sounds are...

  • the deep saw-filter-open-and-close-sounds are...

    ooh :) they do sound nice

    Thanks a lot for all this material!

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