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NOISE PIPE project

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This discussion was created from comments split from: error uploading DCO (solved=just soldering problem).


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    I decided to build 3 instruments (szumorura-polish translation=noisepipe) using 3 connected MNMS boards each. I want to use MPU-6050 and another sensors to control it, so maybe I don't need a potentiometers and switches, perchaps I will remove also pots from the first row modules.
    Power should be no problem because Id like to use an 12V battery for amplifer 20W+speaker 20W and convert DC/DC to 5V for 3x MNMS + MPU-6050 for control and ISD1820 to mix Voice with filter or delay.
    Vocoder MNMS in future? ;-D
    (I want to use it for performances in spaces with no electricity and have possibility to move/dance with it)

    Im an DIY amateur, no Idea about electronics and programming, but learn a lot and finished already many projects with great help of internet users who know, so any help and suggestions are welcome.

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    oh wow! that's some serious hacking going on there!

    my thoughts:
    -this deserves its own thread (I'll see if I figure out how to move it)
    -I would try to use one module to get data from the i2C device and output voltages to control other modules; if you don't need the potentiometer, you can probably use 1,2, and 3 as outputs

    I'm going to buy a 6050 to see if I can help, but it might take some time to arrive, so in the meantime keep me posted of your progress :smiley:
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    You mean without using arduino? I was thinking, I can control synths thru inputs, just directly from arduino nano. Something like in this project, but of course I will change flying drone to synth.
    I still searching and unfortunately not enough time to concentrate on it, but I hope I can find solution soon.

  • tada! managed to move the posts :smiley:

    Yes, what you say is perfectly possible: the nano reads the sensor, and then uses the data to control miniMOs.

    I've ordered a couple 6050s, so I'll update this thread if I get any interesting results myself.

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    Im starting experimenting with:
    MinimoSynth (Amplitude Modulation Generator),
    controled with MPU-6050 using Arduino Nano and L298N (5V)

    I believe there are another more simple possibilities. Maybe without L298N or also without Arduino, but for me its fine, can start to build the pipe now!
    Im looking forward for Your research and solutions!
    I will do better quality video soon.


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    sorry, can't articulate better right now... so many feelings xD

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