miniMO 3D Printed

3DPrinted parts-based module, 5x5x4.5 cm in size, code name Noisette, or the synth you can print.

This is the latest of a series of 3d printed models, and it is smaller, easier to assemble, and overall more reliable than its predecessors.

Previous iteration, “cafe latte”, to the left. The Noisette is about half the height but packs the same punch, hence the name

Every part that is not an electronic component is 3D printed, including a custom breadboard.

The Noisette features the same processor (ATtiny85), internals and ports as the PCB-based model, and it operates just like it, including programming from an Arduino. Unlike the PCB model, the Noisette doesn’t easily switch between internal and external power sources, but it runs on two (CR2032) batteries in parallel for extended operation time.

The PCB and 3D printed miniMO work perfectly well together

miniMO is both Open source and Open Hardware. I’ve written a step-by-step guide to building and programming it, with links to all the 3D parts, schematics, bill of materials and lots of pictures.